It’s Time New Mexico Gets
a Fair Deal.

Respect New Mexico is committed to ensuring that state government fulfills its most basic promises: to preserve our ways of life, to protect our families, and to help all generations prosper. That’s the deal we believe in because it’s a deal all New Mexicans deserve.



Respect the promises state government has made (and will make) by balancing the state budget, rebuilding our reserves, improving our bond rating and guaranteeing the solvency of our pension system.


Respect the history, heritage and traditions of New Mexicans including our freedom of speech and religion, and the right to live our lives, lead our families, and run our communities the way we see fit.


Respect our farms, ranches, wilderness, and wildlife habitats through sustainable stewardship of our land, air and water, promoting responsible public access while protecting private property and traditional ways of life.



Respect New Mexicans’ right to feel safe in their homes by protecting the Second Amendment, helping our communities recruit and retain police, firefighters and other first responders, and ensuring that dangerous repeat offenders are registered and tracked.


Respect our legal system and the principle of justice on which it’s based by eliminating the revolving door for repeat offenders, legislating firm but fair bail reform, ensuring mandatory sentencing, and requiring short-term confinement and counseling for drug criminals.


Respect the ability of offenders and the unfortunate to reclaim their lives through drug abuse counseling, mental health therapy, the reduction of prison recidivism, and the development of a comprehensive plan to reduce homelessness statewide.



Respect people’s right to retain more of what they’ve earned by eliminating taxes on Social Security benefits for seniors, stopping unfair double and triple taxation of small business, and reducing or eliminating the income tax on working families.


Respect New Mexicans’ good judgment through professional licensure reform, streamlining mandatory disclosure requirements, regular and mandatory review of all regulations prior to renewal, and the elimination of at least one old regulation for each new one added.


Respect our ability to thrive both now and in the future by improving our education system, modernizing the electric grid, enhancing broadband and cell service statewide, developing a 21st Century energy plan, and providing sufficient and sustainable funding for roads and highways throughout our state.

Let’s give New Mexico the respect it deserves.

If you’re tired of politics dividing us, if you’re wary of those who want to turn our state into California or New York, if you want to see the place you love finally get off the bottom of all the good lists, join us.